Is it August Already?

This summer has been the most rejuvenating summer for me in quite some time.  Maybe it was the two-week long road trip to the south, or maybe it was being able to accomplish so many projects, or perhaps it was tripling my products on Teachers Pay Teachers.  Regardless of what it was that did the trick, I have never had a better summer in my professional life.

Yet, as August 1st looms and my summer vacation shrinks down to only days, I can't help but realize how different this school year will be for me personally, and although I am nervous and anxious, I am also excited and eager.

One week ago my oldest child moved out.  Not only are bedrooms being rearranged and painted, but the feel of the house has changed as well.  We've gone from a loud, bustling, somewhat crowded house of four, to a quiet, calm, little house of three.  And as my daughter prepares to take over her brother's bigger bedroom, I finally get to reclaim the office I lost 13 years ago when she blessed our lives with her birth.

It's quite surprising how much a 96 square foot office can get me giddy, but I couldn't stop smiling from ear to ear when we finally bought the paint this evening.  No longer will my desk and files be in the storage room in the basement.  No longer will I have a computer and table of school supplies in the living room.  No longer will I have to work where others are trying to relax, fighting off a dog and a cat for some space on the couch.  I get to reclaim my office, I get to reclaim my living room, and I get to reclaim a part of myself; I can't wait.  Now if only I can get it repainted and get everything moved and settled before my vacation is officially over.

And So it Begins...

About to start my seventeenth year of teaching, I've suddenly gotten this crazy notion to do something new and wildly different.  I am going to start my own blog.  Blogs themselves aren't wildly different, but for me, it is, and for me to document my teaching, my classroom, my observations, and the humor that goes on inside my walls with someone other than my family and a few close friends is a radical shift in my daily behavior.  So here we go.  Buckle up and hold on.  We've got 4 weeks until inservice starts... 
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